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Music Equipment

Tony Ramey's services range from independent production, to mixing, mastering, and consulting with artists and independent label owners trying to navigate the dynamic, and sometimes chaotic, world of the music industry. See the productions services Rhyme Heart Productions offers and the consultation services offered in collaboration with Wayne Public Relations.



For A&R, Lead and Demo Harmony Vocals, Mastering, Mixing, and content creation services from corporate jingles, to web site rendering, to video editing, contact Tony's Route 66 Studios directly with the Rhyme Heart Productions Contact Form below.


For the Music Industry Matter series, contact Barry Rogers with Wayne PR for more information via the Music Industry Matters Contact Form Below. You'll be scheduled a free consultation to help you determine whether a series would benefit you.  If so, you'll have the option of moving forward with a course to help you strategize and build a firm foundation for your Music Industry pursuits.  

Music Production and Industry Consulting

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Tony Ramey has spent a lifetime behind a pen and guitar writing Gold and Platinum award-winning songs and garnering album credits with George Strait, Doug Stone, Alabama, Johnny Lee, Trisha Yearwood, Mark Chesnutt, Ray Price, Craig Morgan, and a host of others.  He's been a troubadour for the entirety of his career and supported fourteen albums and EP's with tours across the US.  His duet with Willie Nelson and his penchant for classic style Country Songs has solidified his place in the Music Industry.  But he's also an accomplished scholar in Romanticism and Old English, and has more than 20 years experience under his belt hosting clinics, teaching college literature courses, and winning awards for his work in Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The knowledge and insight he has to share is invaluable to developing artists and industry entrepreneurs alike.  

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For Barry Rogers, media and brand promotion has always been a part of his career journey. In fact, one of his jobs early on was working as a radio DJ.  After graduating college, he moved into television production and segment producing on a Dallas based daytime talk show. From there, he went into PR and marketing where he's continued to help companies, musicians, actors, and thought leaders tell their stories. He generates greater success for clients with his ability to evaluate their brand and offer insight, while helping implement a plan of action.


Contact us here for more information on our production work.

Rhyme Heart Productions

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Contact us here for more information on our Music Industry Matters Series.

Music Industry Matters

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