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The TR Club is a way for fans and friends alike to get a constant stream of music from Tony Ramey's studio as it comes off the proverbial press!  Membership includes


~~ALL OF TONY'S ALBUMS in digital format recorded to date

~~AT LEAST THREE NEW SONGS per month (sometimes there'll be more)

~~A SNEAK PEEK at works in progress (YouTube vids and songs straight from Tony's iPhone recordings)

~~BEHIND THE SCENES footage from shows across the US

~~FREE MEMBERS ONLY ACCESS to live stream shows from Concert Window (no Concert Window membership necessary)

~~MERCHANDISE GIVEAWAYS throughout the year and special discounts on new merchandise

~~Be a TR Street Team member, get 50 or more subscribers for 6 months, and win a free show in your town!



The greatest incentive behind being a member of the TR Club is that it helps Tony offset costs of touring, constantly recording, and the daily costs of being in the Indie Label world--equipment repairs, administration costs related to publishing, promoting, and distributing music copyrights.  Best of all, YOU don't have to wait for another album to come out; it'll be on your desktop! Use your paypal account or sign up with your credit card for subscription billing and you may cancel at ANY TIME!!!

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