The Tippin' Jar

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General Donations & support for Rhyme Heart Records and Tony Ramey Music

Support Tiers

A.  $1-$9:  Digital downloads of first three singles and streamed album version.*
B.  $10-$20+: Digital of full album (physical).*
C.  $50+: A through B plus a signed copy of written lyrics. New TR poster with album cover art featured.*
D.  $100+: A through C plus a personalized video performance of a TR song of your choice...
E.  $1000+: A through D plus all social media honorable mentions, and a signed Epiphone Guitar.  
F.  $3000+: A through E, plus an acoustic show [pending approved location and date]...
*TR Club Member status in good standing for three or more months as of date of release receives B and C.

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