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Songwriting Credits   & Covering Artists

US and  International

"I Don't Want this Song to End" -- John Michael Montgomery (Gold Record)

"Make Up in Love" -- Doug Stone (BMI Award, top 15 most played 2000)

"Somethin' to Write Home About" -- Craig Morgan (Top 40 Billboard)

"Second Chance" -- Trisha Yearwood (Gold Record) / Katrina Elam (Soundtrack The Gift

"Lonesome Wind" -- Stephens Sisters

"Kings for a Day" -- Jake Mathews (Top 20 Billboard Canada)

"That's How I's Raised" -- Alabama

"Never Been to Texas" -- Johnny Lee; Jason Meadows (TRRR Top 20)

"Too Much Ain't Enough" -- Clinton Gregory

"The Last Ride" -- Tony Ramey (Best Period Piece Soundtrack, Houston Film Fest)

"Hold a Woman" -- Bucky Covington

"Summertime Girl" -- Aaron Watson (#1 TRRR)

"Dreamin' Enough to Get Me By" --Edgar Loudermilk

"Wish I Could Love That Way Again" -- Johnny Lee

"Worth Watchin'" -- Johnny Lee

"This Ain't California" -- Johnny Lee

"Texas Plates" -- Curtis Grimes

"Better Love Next Time" -- Liv Marit Wedvik

"His New Baby" -- Jon Wolfe

"Broken Bones" -- Mo Bandy; Kelly Kenning

"Oughta Miss Me By Now" -- Mark Chestnutt

"Any Night in Texas" -- Jon Wolfe

"Country Boy's Life Well Lived" -- Jon Wolfe

"Hot Grease and Zydeco" -- George Strait (Gold Record)

"The Bible, the Bottle, and the Gun" -- Willie Nelson / Tony Ramey (Duet Vocal Event)

"No More Songs to Sing" -- Ray Price

"Scars" -- Collin Raye & Miranda Lambert

"Everything's Gonna Be Alright" -- Johnny Lee

"Two Hearts in Terlingua" -- Jon Wolfe (TBR)

"When the Good Ol' Boys Age Out" -- Jon Wolfe (TBR)

"American Country Band" -- Jon Wolfe (TBR)

"Lost Cause Like Me" -- Jon Wolfe (TBR)

"Tequila Sundown" -- Jon Wolfe (TBR)

"Famous Among Fools" -- Jon Wolfe (TBR)

"Here's to all my Heroes" -- Jon Wolfe (TBR)

"Cowgirl like You" -- Jon Wolfe (TBR)

"Anybody Playin' Sad Songs?" -- Jon Wolfe (TBR)

"I'm Your Guy" -- Jon Wolfe (TBR)

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