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One-on-One Skype Sessions

"I’m ten times more excited about my songs now than I was before we had our session! Tony is passionate about his art and has a genuine desire to help us other songwriters cultivate the passion that is within us! I absolutely will sign up for more sessions!"  

     --Lisa, Galveston, TX

"Tony Ramey is the real deal.  I'll be doin' more of these."

     --Susanne, Orlando, Florida

Production & Arrangement

"I can't believe what an hour with a pro songwriter will do!  Tony was personable, passionate, and took some extra time answering industry questions on top of his help with the songs."

     --Dave, San Antonio, TX

"Tony took the fear out of doing a "Nashville Session."  I've done what I paid him to do myself, wound up with a sub-par product and paid even more money in "hidden" costs."

    --Carson, Wichita, KS

"I was skeptical at first; I've been to so many clinics and seminars where I didn't feel like I got my money's worth.  After hundreds of dollars, they didn't come close to what I gained from one hour of one-on-one with Tony.  What a pro..."

      --Keith, Louisville, KY

"The money I spent with Tony's production company was well worth it.  Tony takes you from start to finish, and gives you exactly what you want."

    --Aaron, Des Moines, IA

"I was nervous about using Tony's production service since I'm more bluesy/pop than what I've heard from Tony's music, but I'm a huge fan, so I took a chance.  Wow!  He can do it all!  I had musicians that had played on Toto's records, Seger Albums.  What an incredible production!"

    --Cassandra, Brooklyn, NY

"I can't imagine using anyone else on my demos and records from now on.  Tony made it so easy, and his expertise make communicating with Nashville musicians and pro-musicians all over so much easier!"

    --Sean, Cookeville, TN

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