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Vinyl Ride

Tony's first EP in a year, Vinyl Ride is a collection of songs "close to his heart."  The shorter album contains seven tunes, some of which he calls the "coffeehouse collection," about loss and love that detail more vast landscapes of life, Tony's trademark as a songsmith.  The album is available now in download form, and will be ready to ship and sell hard copy by March 23rd.

Album Release Date Official


_Always Had a Song_ Album release date January 15th...

The long-awaited album _Always Had a Song_ was slated for a November release, but a few new tracks popped up.  Ramey said there were a couple of songs "that couldn't wait for a next record." 


Two years in the making, Tony Ramey's next collection of songs will be the third official release since his life shifted from Nashville to Texas in 2012.  He calls this effort "special" because it's taken so long to get it completed, and because only a select few of his friends in music have been commissioned to help him complete his task.  

In the next few weeks, Ramey said he'll be debuting a short video highlighting a few of the tracks and offering up a few words of background for this exclusive collection.  While he's aiming for twelve on the physical album, the streaming world will have a ten song collection to add to its playlist in January.  

Ramey said the "album is just too far from finished to try and push it out in November or December." Plus, he'll be releasing an acoustic Christmas EP in December, which will add some extra time in the studio.   His TR Club members will be getting a copy for free, along with others who will contribute and have contributed to his next album budget.  Others who buy the Christmas EP will be helping contribute to the budget for the finishing touches on his January release.  

For more information on how you can help preserve the music of troubadours, visit and click the contact page and send a note....

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